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Are you looking to gain your freedom and take the first step into adulthood? Learning how to drive is considered by many to be a rite of passage. No longer are you reliant on public transport or the goodwill of others. And no longer will you be relegated to walking or cycling to places. The ability to climb into your own personal vehicle and head off wherever you like, whenever you like, simply cannot be beaten.

But before you can start driving, you must first learn the ropes and pass the test necessary to obtain your driver’s licence. At Kinghams Driving School, we provide competitively priced driving lessons Southampton and a wide range of courses to suit all requirements. We adopt a proven approach with an emphasis on creating safe and responsible drivers. If you’d like to make enquiries, you can do so by getting in touch with our school by calling 07749 621632.

How Many Driving Lessons, Southampton Clients Will Need?

This is one of the first questions that students often ask us, but it’s worth noting that every person is different. On average, it takes around 46 hours under professional instructors guidance to pass the driving test. This is in addition to a considerable amount of private practice in addition to what’s offered by our driving school in Southampton. When you consider the test syllabus, this shouldn’t come as much surprise.

The mistake made by new candidates is that having sat in the passenger seat, they think driving is easy. The amount of practice required is often seriously underestimated. But the good news when hiring our driving instructor, Southampton residents, is that we never pressure you into passing your test, having only completed a set number of driving lessons. Instead, we encourage you to complete each driving lesson at a pace to suit you, even intensively if that’s what you prefer.

Honestly, some can pass their driving lessons very quickly, while others might take longer. The quality of the tuition can greatly impact this, and that’s where Kinghams Driving School excels. Unlike many other driving schools, our instructors possess the necessary experience and professional qualifications. They are also part of the DVSA Continued Professional Development Programme.

On average, if you’re taking two-hour lessons each week delivered by our driving instructors, it should take you around 23 weeks to be ready to take your test. You’ll know if you’re ready if you’re able to drive continuously with little to no driving instructor input.

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We provide weekly and intensive driving courses for beginner, refresher and advanced drivers of all ages, standards and abilities.

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Our Driving Courses

Of course, we accept that not everyone who comes to Kinghams Driving School is a complete novice who’s never driven before in their life. Likewise, not every Southampton resident is seeking manual driving lessons. For this reason, we offer a wide range of course options, including:

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Intensive
  • Pass Plus
  • Taster Lessons
  • Taxi Lessons

If you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of driving, you might be looking at different schools in Southampton to see which is the right fit for you. You might be about to start a new job requiring you to drive and so need to quickly obtain your licence. Or you might be looking to take driving lessons to qualify you to carry passengers in the back of a taxi.

Whatever the situation might be, our driving professionals will ensure you receive training that applies to your needs. See below for a brief overview of each of our courses.


Our manual lessons teach you how to drive a vehicle with a standard manual transmission. Standard courses cost just £29 with block plans available for just £275. Our driving instructor will take you through the entire syllabus and prepare you with the skills you need to pass your practical and theory tests.


Automatic driving lessons, Southampton students, present an easier route to learning how to drive as there’s no need to manually coordinate the clutch pedal, accelerator, and gear lever. Our driving school charges just £32 for a standard lesson with block plans available for £300 (10-hours of tuition).


Intensive driving tuition allows our Southampton professionals to condense several months of training into just a couple of weeks. Learning intensively can be tough but has the advantage of getting you on the road faster, which is good news if you need to learn to drive quickly. You also save time and money with our intensive driving lessons.

Pass Plus

If you’ve just passed your test but would like to brush up on your new skills, our Pass Plus course is the option for you. Lessons must be booked in blocks of six hours (minimum), costing £210. Many new drivers are involved in accidents when they first start driving. An extra driving lesson or two can help to smooth off these edges.

Taster Lessons

Taster lessons are an excellent way of determining the right driving school for you before you commit. At Kinghams Driving School, we can provide Southampton applicants with a two-hour sample driving session for just £30. You save money while having a great opportunity to decide whether we’re the right choice for driving lessons.

Taxi Lessons

At our driving school, we offer taxi lessons to those looking to work as a taxi driver or offer private hire. You’ll need to pass the DVSA Taxi Driving Test Assessment, which isn’t all that different from the standard driving test. That being said, each driving lesson will serve to leave you with pointers to help improve your chances of qualifying.

How Much Do Our Driving Lessons Southampton Cost?

We’ve touched on this above already, but if you’d rather just see a breakdown of the costs, we’ve listed the prices of our Southampton driving lessons below for your convenience:

  • Standard Lessons – £29 (Manual)/ £32 (Automatic)
  • Block Plans (Ten Hours of Tuition) – £275 (Manual)/ £300 (Automatic)
  • Pass Plus (Six-Hours Minimum) – £210
  • Sample Two-Hour Session – £30

We can also provide you with motorway driving tuition for just £35; we highly recommend this if you’re not entirely confident driving on motorways and dual carriageways.

At Kinghams Driving School, we feel that the cost of our driving lessons in Southampton represents great value for money. Not only that, but we feel that there should never be any risk in taking the plunge. After all, you’ll never know if we were right for you unless you take some time out to come and drive with us.

So, to add as a further incentive to choose driving professionals, we offer a quibble-free money-back guarantee. If you are for whatever reason unsatisfied with the tuition you’ve received, we’ll return your money to you with no strings attached.

Are you not yet convinced that we’re the school for driving tuition? Keep reading to learn a little more about us as a company.


After stop-starting driving lessons for almost two years I passed my test on the second try! Steve was always very encouraging and supportive and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor – thanks a lot!

Clare Hillsmith


Why Take Your Driving Lessons with Us?

When you’re deciding where to go for driving lessons in Southampton, we recommend that you start making inquiries with Kinghams Driving School. Our team of driving professionals is backed by professional qualifications, years of experience and are members of the DVSA Continued Professional Development Programme. While many instructors will seek to simply correct your mistakes and get you up to the testing standard as quickly as possible, we adopt a different approach.

Many new drivers often end up involved in accidents not long after qualifying, and the simple reason is the standard of training they’ve received. Rather than simply correcting your mistakes and moving on, our driving lessons focus on the behaviour that led to the mistake in the first place. By understanding the link between the two, drivers can be better conditioned to avoid making these mistakes again in the future.

This approach is followed by both our driving tutors – Steve Kingham and Leroy Gumbs. Both our instructors are DBS-checked, fully qualified and certified. Steve handles our automatic courses, while Leroy oversees our Manual courses. Through their combined efforts, we’ve amassed a stellar reputation over the years. Many of our past and present students wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us to friends and family.

This is a fact that makes us immensely proud as a customer-focused driving school in Southampton. Driving is one of life’s many great freedoms, but so often, the cost puts people off or slows down the process entirely. Fortunately, the price won’t be an issue as we’ve priced our driving lessons to be the most competitive around.

Our Qualifications

As for our qualifications, these include:

  • BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching Development
  • NVQ Level 3 in Driving Instruction
  • A1 Assessor Qualification

So, if you’re searching for top-rated, fully qualified driving tutors, look no further than us!

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