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For parents, future 17-year olds and general adults looking at this page, the prospect of you or your children learning to drive is a pretty big thing.

Everyone is different, and everyone learns differently, so it’s important that you find the right driving instructor for you. If you’re looking for the best driving instructors Bournemouth, give us a call today on 07749621632.

Why is it crucial to find the right Bournemouth driving instructors?

Finding the right driving instructor in Bournemouth is important, as it can make the difference between passing your test first time and having to take more lessons. Over the years, many of our clients have come to us expressing their disappointment at being led round in the same old circles and don’t feel as though their current instructor is helping them to improve.

Often it is a case of finding driving instructors Bournemouth that treat each of their clients as an individual.  Good Bournemouth driving instructors will get to know their clients during the first few lessons. They will be able to assess whether they approach driving in a confident or nervous manner and will be able to adapt their teaching techniques as required.

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We provide weekly and intensive driving courses for beginner, refresher and advanced drivers of all ages, standards and abilities.

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With so much on the syllabus, sometimes the amount that needs to be learnt before the test can seem daunting. While the DVLA recommends at least 48 hours of lessons, plus private practice before you attempt to take your test, for many clients it can take longer or quicker for the information to click. Some driving instructors in Bournemouth may push their candidate into taking their test too soon, and their failure could seriously knock their confidence while jeopardising the safety of other road users.

Why is Kinghams Driving School the best for driving instructors in Bournemouth?

As one of the best driving schools Bournemouth has to offer, we have a four-step business practice designed to provide our clients with the best driving tuition to suit their needs.  We have made successful drivers out of some of the most nervous candidates and made safe drivers out of the keenest and confident. Read on to find out how we can adapt our teaching methods to provide the best option for those looking for driving instructors Bournemouth.

Assessment lesson

As we’ve just mentioned, an adaptable teaching style is imperative in making the learning to drive experience successful for every candidate. In order to understand the need of each candidate, we offer an initial assessment lesson for a reduced rate. In the two hours, we can work out how much time the client may need and discuss their existing knowledge. By the end of the assessment, the learner will also know whether we’re the right Bournemouth driving instructors for them.

Regular lesson structure

We believe a learner should be receiving two hours of driving tuition per week and in between lessons, they should be getting out on the road as much as possible to practice what they have been taught.

Every lesson is planned around the candidate and focusses on a balance between building up their weaknesses and slowly introducing new elements.

We truly believe in our ability as skilful and knowledgeable driving instructors in Bournemouth. Because we hear so often the terrible tales of other driving schools in the area, we’re determined to ensure that our clients continue to have confidence in the tuition we give them. If, for any reason, you are not happy in the way in which a lesson went, we’ll give you your money back.

Our lessons are available to purchase in ten hour blocks, which is the best value for money. You can also choose to pay per hour.

Our intensive courses

Many people actually fair better with an intensive driving course.  Whether it’s because you need to pass quickly, or you retain more information one day to the next, we’ll endeavour to make sure you’re ready for your test once the time frame is up.

In a week to 2 week period, we aim to squeeze in the recommended 48 hours of tuition while instilling an appropriate amount of confidence in the driver. We know that many drivers can pass their test before they are ready, which endangers them and the others around them. As responsible driving instructors Bournemouth, we’ll only put the candidate forward for their test if we believe that they are ready.

We’ve often found that for people who are returning to driving lessons perhaps after failing their test, a weeks’ intensive course can bring back their confidence and make them feel more prepared.

Modern driver training

The DVLA syllabus is always changing, which means we’re constantly learning new and effective ways in which to teach different candidates the new requirements. Using the latest teaching techniques, we encourage our learner drivers to self-evaluate and work out for themselves how they could handle a situation differently.  Our Bournemouth driving instructors have a backlog of teaching methods, allowing them to change teaching styles in line with the learner’s needs.

Why should you choose Kinghams Driving School?

Holding an NVQ level 3 and BTECT 4 in driver coaching, our instructors are CRB checked and well qualified.

Having been driving instructors in Bournemouth for over 24 years, we know the area like the back of our hand. Knowing the best routes for learners of different stages in their tuition, in addition to knowing the black spots of the Bournemouth roads enables us to be one of the most knowledgeable driving schools in the South.

Our service isn’t like a conveyor belt designed to churn out unstable drivers as quickly as possible. We believe that success isn’t about the quickness in which we can get drivers to their test. It’s about making sure we take the time and patience to understand the weaknesses in each driver, so when we do say you’re ready for your test, you know that you’re ready too.

Kinghams Driving School has developed a reputation for providing the best driving instructors Bournemouth. Much of our new business comes from word of mouth, which goes to show that our clients don’t hesitate to recommend our services to their friends and family.

We offer a whole host of driving-related services. Once you’ve passed your test, you can also use us for your pass plus, which helps new drivers become more confident on the road and the motorway.

We can also help with:

Automatic tuition

Motorway courses

Refresher and remedial courses

Taster driving lessons

Car parking

Taxi Driver courses

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